Green Anole


Native to the southeastern United States and the Caribbean Islands, the Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) is a tropical, nonvenomous lizard found mostly in trees and shrubs.

The Green Anole was introduced into southern California and resides in urban parks including Balboa Park. These lizards are insectivores as they eat a wide variety of insects like beetles and flies, as well as spiders and other arthropods. Snakes, birds, and larger reptiles are the Green Anole’s most common predators. Citizen scientists have been documenting this non-native species, as it is being discovered in new places.

Did You Know? The Green Anole can change colors from shades of gray and brown to shades of bright green in response to its external environment, usually due to outside temperature or increased activity and excitation.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Adalberto H. Vega