Johnson's Jumping Spider


The Johnson’s Jumping Spider (Phidippus johnsoni) is the most common jumping spider in North America. It is found in suburban gardens, beaches, fields, shrubs, chaparral, and pine forests. The black, red, and white Johnson’s Jumping Spider is one of the most common garden-dwelling spiders in San Diego County.

Adult male and female Johnson’s Jumping Spiders are about a centimeter in length and are black with a red abdomen; however, females will have a black stripe down the middle of their abdomen. They have powerful front legs and can jump long distances to catch their prey, which they hunt on foot instead of constructing webs like other spiders. They hunt during the day and hide out at night and in the winter.

Did You Know? The Johnson’s Jumping Spider can leap up to five times its own body length.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Ryan Kaldari