Marbled Godwit


The Marbled Godwit  (Limosa fedoa) is one of the dominant shorebirds along San Diego County’s coast, especially around San Diego Bay, Mission Bay, and the Tijuana River estuary. This migratory bird breeds and nests on the ground in short grass along marshes and scattered ponds of the Great Plains. It is primarily a winter visitor to San Diego and stays almost exclusively along the coast while here.

Preferring San Diego’s tidal mudflats and salt marshes as its primary habitat, the Marbled Godwit can be found in smaller numbers along sandy beaches and brackish lagoons. Probing the mud with its long slender beak, the Marbled Godwit feeds mostly on small crustaceans and mollusks.

To learn more about the Marbled Godwit, visit the online San Diego County Bird Atlas or check out the book from your local library.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ed Schneider, used under license from