Pallid Bat


The Pallid Bat (Antrozous pallidus) is a pale, yellowish-brown bat. Preferring to forage for food on the ground, this nighttime flyer can be found inhabiting rocky outcrops or roosting in rock crevices, caves, and mine tunnels. Scorpions, Jerusalem crickets, and both flightless and ground-dwelling arthropods make up the majority of the Pallid Bat’s diet.  

Local Pallid Bat populations thrived in Chula Vista before 1950 until urban development began forcing these populations out. Healthy Pallid Bat populations are now found at Camp Pendleton, about 45 miles north of San Diego, where their habitat is protected from the effects of urban growth thanks to the secure military nature of the Camp.

Did you know? The Pallid Bat is immune to the venom of the scorpion and will grab the scorpion from the ground for a quick meal.  Watch this video of a Pallid Bat as it makes a meal of a scorpion.    Learn more about the wonderful world of bats by visiting Bat Conservation International.

VIDEO CREDIT: BBC Motion Gallery / Getty Images

PHOTO CREDIT: Anthony Mercieca