Western Bluebird


The Western Bluebird(Sialia mexicana), or Azulejo garganta azul in Spanish, is mainly an insectivore—an animal that eats insects. When winter comes and insects are scarce, this bluebird looks for berries to feed on. Look for it in oak woodlands throughout San Diego County and increasingly in urban parks. Only the male is brightly colored; in the female the blue is subdued and subtle.

Did you know? While many birds flee recently burned forests, the Western Bluebird is attracted to them. If the fire has not been too severe, the Western Bluebird may be attracted to recently burned forest since the bluebird watches for insects on the ground from a perch in a tree. Fires that clear low brush make it easier for the bluebird to find its food.

To learn more about the Western Bluebird, and other birds of our region, please visit the San Diego County Bird Atlas.