Western Mastiff Bat


The Western Mastiff Bat (Eumops perotis californicus) is a member of the “free-tailed” bat family and can be easily identified by its very large ears and mouse-like tail. Also known as the greater mastiff or greater bonneted bat, it mostly preys on insects like moths and flying beetles. Predators of the Western Mastiff Bat include birds of prey like owls, raptors, and falcons.

Its North and Central American range includes the southwestern United States, northern Baja California, Mexico, and north to central mainland Mexico. It roosts in rocks and crevices, typically preferring vertical cracks that tend to face downward in order to be entered from below.

Did you know? The Western Mastiff Bat is the largest bat in the United States and remains active year-round as it does not hibernate or migrate.

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PHOTO CREDIT: © Merlin D. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International, www.batcon.org