Buena Vista Ecological Reserve


The Buena Vista Ecological Reserve is a 350-acre freshwater lagoon habitat 36 miles north of the San Diego Natural History Museum. The lagoon and its wetland habitat is nestled between Carlsbad and Oceanside, California with views of the Pacific Ocean. Picnic facilities and pedestrian trails allow visitors to explore the reserve by foot or bicycle. Fishing is allowed from the shore as well.

The reserve is a well-regarded bird sanctuary with ample bird watching opportunities as it is a stop on the annual migratory route known as the Pacific Flyway, where millions of birds fly through during their summer and winter migrations. More than 235 different types of birds have been identified at the reserve.

To learn more about the Buena Vista Ecological Reserve or to get involved with the reserve’s activities, please visit the Buena Vista Audubon Nature Center or call 760.439.2473.

Did you know? Buena Vista Lagoon was designated as California’s first ecological reserve by the California Fish and Game Commission in 1969.

PHOTO CREDIT: City of Carlsbad