Crest Canyon Open Space Park Preserve


Only 19 miles from the Museum, Crest Canyon Open Space Park Preserve allows you to stroll through this coastal sage scrub and maritime chaparral canyon south of San Dieguito Lagoon. As part of the larger San Dieguito River Park, visiting Crest Canyon lets you enjoy a tapestry of native and non-native plants like the California Sagebrush, Black and White Sage, Toyon, and Mexican Elderberry as you meander through the park on its 1.5 mile trail loop.

Young and endangered Torrey Pine trees have sprouted in the shelter and protection of the canyon, resulting in them growing larger than some Torrey Pine trees in the nearby Torrey Pines Extension. To get involved and learn more about protecting Crest Canyon Open Space Park please visit the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Jim Varnell, Canyoneers