Gonzales Canyon Open Space (Torrey Pines Loop Trail)


Only 17 miles from the San Diego Natural History Museum, Gonzalez Canyon Open Space stretches from Torrey Pines High School to the Old Camino Real and east to Pacific Highlands Ranch. 

The 3.5-mile Torrey Pines Loop Trail allows you to explore a chaparral canyon filled with aromatic plants including the native California Sagebrush and the non-native Fennel. Hike along strips of riparian woodlands with sycamores, willows, and oaks and connect with other trails within the canyon for a longer hike. Keep your eye out for wildlife while hiking in Gonzalez Canyon as there is an abundance in this corridor. 

Located within San Diego City limits, access the Torrey Pines Loop Trail from Torrey Highlands Park off of Lansdale Drive just behind Torrey Pines High School.

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