San Dieguito River Park (Coast to Crest Trail-Del Mar)


Only 26 miles from the Museum to the beginning of the Coast to Crest Trail in Del Mar, the San Dieguito River Park offers more than 65 miles of hiking trails that are open free of charge, year-round.

The Coast to Crest Trail, the most popular of the park hikes, will eventually extend 71 miles from Del Mar to Volcan Mountain near Julian and the San Dieguito’s river source. The exact route of the trail is still being worked out, and only 35 miles have been completed. However, there are many more miles of trails throughout San Dieguito River Park to enjoy. Hiking along the Coast to Crest Trail you can visit places like the San Dieguito Lagoon, North Shore Lake Hodges, San Pasqual Valley, and Raptor Ridge. From Raptor Ridge you’ll have a panoramic view of the San Pasqual Agricultural Preserve and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Join the Canyoneers for guided hikes along the Coast to Crest Trail as well as other hikes throughout southern California. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Jim Varnell, Canyoneers